AOKE carton box sample maker cutter table plotter machine Quality Control

I have bought 2 machines from AOKE two years ago. It were: DCZ 70 (high end) and DCZ 50 (advanced level) machines.

—— Poland packaging machine

My customers are happy using the machines.

—— australia

We faced some problems during the period but solved with help of the factory - remotely. Only screws loosen.

—— indonesia

Technically no problem and fast and robust.

—— india

I cant say anything bad.

—— vietnam

I want to say that I have chosen this company for cooperation because they have R&D dept. and they are very flexible. The portfolio is pretty wide.

—— USA

I do recommend this company.

—— UK

If you need my support just let me know.

—— saudi arabia

The depth and angle of the V-cut directly effect the light box luminance

—— thailad light box v cut

Many manufacturers do not pay attention to this point, As they only meet for lower end market need

—— LGP v cut

Why Korea can do so well, because they understand v cut technology.

—— korea light box

So we are glad you OEM for korea v cut machine and having v cut technology

—— korea slim light box

This machine is really good. I am glad I can get more high end market order by this v cut technology machine.

—— light guide panel led

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The BUYER will always place firm orders through a Purchase Order (‘PO’). The MANUFACTURER will supply the products within reasonable number of days from the date of receipt of the PO. ‘The reasonable number of day’ shall be confirmed the same through an annexure along with the price confirmation. The BUYER shall make 30% of the PO amount as down payment along with the PO by T/T, the balance paid before shipping or as mutually decided by both the parties from time to time.


MANUFACTURER shall train the engineers employed or retained by the BUYER with all necessary technical, maintenance, installation procedures so as to manage the day to day maintenance of PRODUCT


Warranty time: The start time from the“PRODUCT" arrive to "BUYER"s working place, one year free warranty. 

  • AOKE carton box sample maker cutter table plotter machine

    Standard:business license


    Issue Date:2006-03-30

    Expiry Date:2029-07-27

    Scope/Range:Sales of computer cutting system and the relevant accessory products

    Issued By:Dongguan Administration for Industry&Commerce

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